1. Approved.


  3. Eek! It’s time for Winter Soldier!

  4. New X-Men’s Elixir?


  5. Finally getting to see Winter Soldier tonight!

  6. Super Cock-In-A-Sock


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  8. niko-yuki asked: Would you like a furry purry kitty hug?

    yes please.

  9. There are so many dirty thoughts that come to mind…

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  10. Wonder Bears!

  11. Galactus: The Devourer of World’s Breakfast

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  12. marcusmccormick:

    Kyle Coleman | ph: by Marcus McCormick “Super Heroes” This Boy is F’ing Sick!!!!  Check him out!!!!

    I want more…

  13. This is epic!


  14. Having a rough week…

    Send some love or entertainment my way!

  15. You all have dirty minds!